Vibration Plate

What makes Vibra Plate different?

Lifetime Warranty

400lb Weight Limit

Lightest plate on the market with a true 50hz motor.

Vibration plate technology harnesses powerful vibrations to trigger one hundred muscle contractions per minute. This stimulates muscles to increase caloric burn rapidly while prompting blood circulation. Adequate blood flow enables muscle recovery substantially, making the VibraTec an excellent ally for overall physical health.

Increased Caloric Burn

As mentioned, one of the main reasons we’re raving about this machine is because of its rapid ability to burn calories. Who wants to run every day to burn a minimum amount of calories when you can burn up to 50% more calories in the comfort of your living room?

Circulation Benefits

Poor blood circulation causes several adverse health effects, including organ damage. The Vibra Plate instantly boosts circulation, improving muscle flexibility, tissue repair, and strength. This helps treat cellulite, elasticity, and strength.

Increased Bone Density

Your bones are constantly under pressure and weight; it’s the law of gravity. The vibration causes your bones to under more tension, rapidly improving bone density. Adequate bone density makes it easier for your bones to harbor weight.

Muscle Recovery & Pain Relief

Vibra Plate delivers immediate relief for muscle injuries. Its technology precisely moves blood to the hurt area, accelerating healing and enabling a complete comeback.