ReadyMed team arrives at your doorstep to test you for COVID-19, Flu, STREP, and RSV. For us, nothing is more important than your well-being and that of our staff. Get tested from the comfort of your home where it is safe and convenient for you. No more waiting rooms or lengthy drive-throughs. We will come prepared and equipped to complete the test safely and accurately.

Our COVID-19 procedure is safe and simple. Our work team follows all CDC standards. Protective clothing is imperative (PPE), masks, face shields, and gloves. Preferably, the sample can be taken in an open ventilated area. You can also prepare ahead for the visit. Wear a medical mask and, if not available, wear a cloth or fabric mask, and wash your hands before addressing our team to ensure their safety.

  • In-network with most insurance providers.
  • Testing symptomatic and asymptomatic patients in Tampa Bay and nearby areas.

Our Services Include

  COVID-19 RT-PCR or Molecular Test

  • Specimen Sample: Nasal swab or saliva 
  • The testing provides a high degree of accuracy in 72 hours
  • Detects SARS-CoV-2
  • FDA approved
  • The gold standard of COVID-19 testing
  • Understand who is at risk of spreading the virus and needs to be quarantined

  Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test

  • Specimen sample: Nasal or throat swab
  • Achieve fast, reliable results for SARS-CoV2 testing
  • Rapid turnaround as low as 15 minutes
  • FDA Approved

  Rapid Flu, Strep, and RSV Tests

  • Rapid Seasonal Flu Testing (results in 15 minutes)
  • Rapid Strep testing (results in 15 minutes)
  • Rapid RSV testing (results in 15 minutes)